In the small, southeastern community of Bladenboro, North Carolina, a series of vampire-like killings of pets and livestock was happening.  The creature doing the killings was described by witnesses as a "large-like cat creature somewhere between 4 and 5 feet long". 

​Some said it resembled a bear---Some claimed the creature's cries sounded like a baby or a woman crying, but much louder. Whatever it was, it was very frightening to the community.  So much so, that the locals became afraid to leave their homes after dark.  

Parties of armed men were organized.  Over 700 hunters and trappers converged on the community of Bladenboro, vowing to either hunt down and capture the vampire beast or better yet KILL THE CREATURE ON SITE

Sure, there are those who say this was all just a hoax, but many residents who lived in this small community during those years still claim this to be true.  Either way, for over 65 years, the creature commonly referred to as "The Beast of Bladenboro" remains an unsolved mystery for the Town of Bladenboro and we may never know the truth......

In 2008, Boost the Boro, Inc became the host of an annual community festival known as "Beast Fest"

Beast Fest is always held on the last weekend of October and there is never a charge for attendance.

Since 2008, Beast Fest has become one of the fastest growing and largest attended weekend Fall festivals in Southeastern North Carolina. Conservative estimates put attendance of the Friday night and all day Saturday festival to be in the 8,000 range.

Beast Fest is completely underwritten by both business and personal sponsorships of various levels, allowing us to provide practically all of the events and activities completely free to attendees. 

All profits we receive from Beast Fest go directly back into our community to support various project initiatives that improve our community for both our residents and our small businesses. 

We always challenge ourselves to make Beast Fest better than the previous year

~Our Two Main Goals~

1.  Every Event and Activity Must Be In Good Taste and Appropriate for the Entire Family

2.  It Must Be Safe, Welcoming and Have an “All Inclusive” Atmosphere

Just a few of our reviews

"Good food, great music, good people and fun for the whole family! Will definitely be going next year!!! 
"Wonderful festival!!!! Great food ..:great music. Don’t miss it !!!"
"​Lots of fun for the whole family. What date is it this year?"
"This was our first time attending!!! Small town love!!! My kids are already ready for next year!!! They've talked about it more than they did the annual county fair! It's the home town atmosphere and the love and hospitality are just simply contagious!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!"​
"This was my first year attending and it was awesome! Can't wait till next year!"

Are You Planning on Attending Beast Fest This Year? If So, Here Are Just a Few Helpful Tips for You to Consider

Cost - There is never an Admissions Charge for Beast Fest.  Of course, there will be Food Vendors, Amusement Park Rides and Arts & Crafts Vendors for you to enjoy, that will require cash. All of our Festival entertainment is free and there will be plenty of other activities that Do Not require a purchase.  

Weather - For anyone living in the Southeastern-Coastal areas of North Carolina, you know our weather can be unpredictable during the Fall months.  But, if you are traveling or just passing through our area, you've probably come because you already know that October is more often than not, one of the most fantastic times of the year and a great time to attend an outdoor festival, such as Beast Fest.  

How should I Dress For Beast Fest - However you want, as long as you are comfortable and in reasonable taste.  Weather patterns have usually started to show some hints of Fall and there are much appreciated lower humidity levels. The hardwood trees and leaves have started to display their Fall colors, as temperatures range in the 50's to low 60's on most days and drop down to the high 40's to the mid 50's at night. Sweatshirts and light jackets come out of the closet at night, but there are still plenty of "Beast Festers" wearing flip-flops, shorts and hoodies. 

Parking, Special Needs and Seating - Parking is available, but can be limited or require a short walk to the festival site, especially on Saturday afternoon. There will also be some designated parking spots reserved for those with special needs or that might need a little help.  Our Beast Fest Staff will also have several golf carts that can shuttle you to and from the parking areas to the festival area, provided someone in your party will stop by the Boost the Boro tent and lets us know your specific needs. Several low riser sections of bleachers will be available in our Main Courtyard area to enjoy the live entertainment, but we encourage you to bring your own fold up chairs.​

Food Service - Food Vendors will begin customer service on Friday from 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm and again on Saturday from 10:00 am -10:00 pm.  Each vendor is required to prepare their specialties on-site and ALL Food Vendors must obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the Bladen County Health Department and be personally inspected and approved to operate by the Department, prior to opening for business. 

Security & EMS - Our Festival is patrolled by either members of the Bladenboro Police Department or The Bladen County Sheriff's Department throughout the festival.  We also have stand-by EMS services available and on site at the festival and additional police personnel will be on site during the evening events.  Our Beast Fest Staff also patrols the parking areas of the festival and is available to assist individuals with rides to and from their vehicles, if requested. 

Beast Fest is proudly hosted by the 50+ all volunteer membership of Boost the Boro. 

Since its formation in 2006, Boost the Boro has operated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to make our extended communities a better place to live. 

Beast Fest is only possible because of the continued support of our many business sponsors and of course, all of those who attend. 

All funds we raise are returned back into the community.  If you would like to make a donation to Boost the Boro, Inc or to Beast Fest, please mail your check to:

Boost the Boro, Inc.
P.O. Box 771
​Bladenboro, NC 28320