Boost the Boro, Inc. is a grassroots organization made up of citizens, business owners and community leaders who are all interested in seeing the Bladenboro (28320) community thrive and once again become a showplace community.

The group, initially formed in 2005 by a small group of interested citizens, who saw a need to "inject" new energy into the small, rural community and specifically, in its downtown.

Its initial efforts focused on the hosting of a downtown festival called "Beast Fest" named from the legendary vampire-like killing of pets and farm animals in 1954 the locals referred to as the “Beast of Bladenboro”

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We hope you will always feel right at home in Bladenboro.  

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Scholarship Deadline is Quickly Approaching! 

Welcome to Boost the Boro, Inc.


Click above  for an application form. Scholarship winners will be announced in May. The deadline to submit an application for the scholarships is April 28. The application should be mailed in one envelope to:

Boost the ‘Boro Scholarship Committee

PO Box 771

Bladenboro, NC 28320

Questions? Email us at boosttheboro@gmail.com

Our Mission: 

To encourage a spirit of collaboration that will enable the Bladenboro (28320) Community to Grow, Prosper, and Improve the Quality of Life for all its citizens.

Boost the Boro, Inc. does not limit its involvement or support to just a "Single" Issue.  Instead, as an organization, our membership considers a broad range of community development and involvement initiatives that are ultimately designed to help the community Grow, Prosper and Improve the Quality of Life for the entire (28230) Bladenboro area.

The following are just a few of the areas we have either supported or been involved with during the period of 2018-2022
  • Host two Annual Community Festivals & Events  - Beast Fest & Spring Fling
  • Made repairs and renovations to Wateree Park
  • Provided funding for the new Community Stage 
  • Paid for renovations and landscaping of Downtown Corner lot 
  • Donated the “Green Spot” land to the Town of Bladenboro for the new Downtown Square project
  • Paid to have streets, curbs & gutters cleaned 
  • Provided significant man hours and equipment for Downtown clean-up and mowing
  • Provide Downtown plantings and install seasonal decorations throughout the year
  • Provide new Christmas Tree decorations for downtown tree
  • Host the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Event
  • Host Grand Opening events for new business openings
  • Provide new paving and repairs for Downtown parking lots
  • Repair and update paint of highly visible wall downtown damaged in the demolition of Town owned property. 
  • Made donations to help (16 ) small businesses with storm damage repairs
  • Provide at least two Annual Boost the Boro Scholarship Awards since 2018 and will expand to 5 in 2022
  • Provide a “No Cost” Farmer’s Market location
  • Made donation to Bladenboro Police Department for new building awnings and computer equipment
  • Made Donation to Bladenboro Public Library renovation project
  • Made Donation to Bladenboro Middle School for new sound equipment
  • Make Farmers Market Conference room available for small civic focused meetings
  • Provide funding for Bladenboro Police Department's Annual Christmas for Kids Initiative
  • Donate to Dixie Youth Baseball 
  • Donate to Bladenboro Middle School Beta Club
  • Donate to multiple West Bladen High School project request
  • Donate to NC Education Scholarship Fund