In the small southeastern town of Bladenboro, North Carolina, a series of vampire like killings of pets and livestock occurred back in late 1953. The creature doing the killings was described by most witnesses as a "large-like cat creature about 4 to 5 feet long".  Others said it resembled a bear.  The creature's cries were said to sound like a baby or a woman crying, but louder and more frightening.  The locals became afraid to leave their homes after dark and eventually began to refer to the creature as   "The Beast of Bladenboro" 

Though parties of armed men were organized to hunt down the creature, to this day, it has not been caught. Some say it was all just a hoax..Others say it is true

Oh Yes! The Original Collard Sandwich will be back again in 2018 

Hear what a few of the residents that lived in Bladenboro around this time have to say about this...

Fact or Fiction---You decide?

Thanks to ALL the 2017 Beast Fest Sponsors.  You make this possible !

You may prefer Carolina Beach Music, Funk, R&B, Top 40 or even some "New and Old Country"........regardless of your taste, what you will get is a variety of All Of The Above.  We will be announcing our After Dark entertainment schedule later in 2018 and will have featured bands performing on both Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10 stay tuned.  If you have ever attended Beast Fest, you know you will not be disappointed, as we take great pride in bringing the "hottest" and "most sought after bands" to the Beast Fest stage and as always, because of our great sponsors there is never a cover charge.

Vendor applications will be available July 31, 2018

2018 Live Concert Event Schedule

2018 Beast Fest will be October 26-27

Beast Fest has become one of the fastest growing festivals in Southeastern North Carolina and is always held on the last weekend of October.  Now in our 12th year, Beast Fest is specifically designed so that everyone in the family, regardless of age or financial situation, can enjoy.  All of the live entertainment is free  and  there is no admission charge for attendees.

Parking is available throughout the downtown area and we also have a small designated parking area, directly across from our Main entrance for those with special needs.  Golf cart pick-up and return is also available for those that might need a little assistance. Several low rise sections of bleachers are available in our Main Courtyard area for festival goers to relax and enjoy the live entertainment that goes on throughout the day, but we also encourage you to bring your own fold-ups, as the bleachers fill-up quickly.  

October is a fantastic time of year to be in Southeastern North Carolina and a great time to attend an outdoor festival.  Our weather has started to show some hints of Fall.  Maple and Oak leaves have begun to display their colors and humidity levels are low.  Temperatures range in the upper 50's to high 60's during the day and drop down to the high 40's to mid 50's at night. Sweatshirts and light jackets come out of the closet, but you'll still see plenty of t-shirts, flip-flops, and shorts at Beast Fest.

​Between 10,000 and 12,000 people usually attend the two-day festival, as locals and those from the surrounding counties and the bordering states flock to our small town. 

Fun Time Carnival Rides, Food Vendors, Arts & Crafts Vendors, Classic Car Show, Talent show are all just a few of the events we have each year, and we are always adding new and different attractions aimed at keeping the festival "fresh".  The Children's Halloween Costume Contest is becoming a big hit and continues to grow each year and at dusk, a live production "Trunk or Treat" has become a second festival in itself and one of the most anticipated events of the entire festival. 


Street Dance