Beast Fest is proudly hosted by the 40+ all volunteer membership of Boost the Boro.  Since its formation in 2006, Boost the Boro has operated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to make our extended communities a better place to live. 

Beast Fest is only possible because of the continued support of our many business sponsors and of course, all of those who attend. 

If you would like to make a donation to Boost the Boro, Inc or to Beast Fest, please mail your check to:

Boost the Boro, Inc.

P.O. Box 771

​Bladenboro, NC 28320

ALL funds we raise are returned back into the community. 

Fact or Fiction---You decide?


The year was 1953. 

The President of the United States is Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The New York Yankees win their 5th consecutive World Series title. An 18 year old unknown named Elvis Presley walks into a Memphis studio and records what will be the first of over a billion records sold during his career.  And, the first Chevrolet Corvette rolls off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan.  

But in a small, southeastern community in North Carolina named "Bladenboro", a series of vampire like killings of pets and livestock was happening. The creature doing the killings was described by most witnesses as a "large-like cat creature somewhere between 4 and 5 feet long". 

Some said it resembled a bear and some claimed the creature's cries sounded like a baby or a woman crying, but much louder and very frightening, so much so, that the locals became afraid to leave their homes after dark. 

Parties of armed men were organized.  Over 700 hunters and trappers converged on the community of Bladenboro, vowing to either hunt down and capture the vampire beast or better yet, shoot and kill it on sight.  Yet, to this day, the creature remains elusive and somewhat a mystery, having neither been captured nor killed.

Sure, there are those who say this was all just a hoax, but others who lived in this small community for their entire lives claim it to be the truth.  Either way, for over 65 years, the creature commonly referred to as "The Beast of Bladenboro" remains an unsolved mystery for the Town of Bladenboro and we may never know the truth......

Weather can always be unpredictable along the coastal areas of the Southeast, but if you are traveling or just passing through our area, you already know that October is more often than not, one of the most fantastic times of the year in Southeastern North Carolina and a great time to attend an outdoor festival, such as Beast Fest.  

Friday night high school and Saturday college football is in full swing and the weather patterns have usually started to show some hints of Fall, with much appreciated lower humidity.  The maple and oak leaves have started to display their colors, as temperatures range in the mid to upper 50's on most days, dropping down to the high 40's to the mid 50's at night.

Sweatshirts and light jackets come out of the closet at night, but you will also still see plenty of Beast Fest attendees wearing summer flip-flops and shorts.

2021 Nightly Entertainment & Street Dance

Parking, Special Needs and Seating

Parking is available, but can be limited or require a short walk to the festival site, especially on Saturday afternoon.  Boost the Boro will have a designated parking area reserved specifically for easy access to the site, or for those with special needs that may a little help. We also will have several golf carts that will be in service with members of our Beast Fest Staff and would be happy to arrange for pick ups or returns to the parking areas, provided someone in your party will stop by the Boost the Boro tent and lets us know your specific needs.   

Several low riser sections of bleachers are available in our Main Courtyard area to enjoy the live entertainment, but we encourage you to bring your own fold up chairs.​​

​​You may prefer Carolina Beach Music, Funk, R&B, Top 40 or even some "New and Old Country"........regardless of your taste, what you will get is a variety of All Of The Above.  If you have attended Beast Fest, you know we take great pride in bringing the TOP Entertainment and you will not be disappointed in 2021 and.....….there is never a cover charge.

​​​​As the organizers, Boost the Boro takes great pride in knowing that Beast Fest has become one of the fastest growing and largest attended weekend Fall festivals in Southeastern North Carolina.  This annual event is always held on the last weekend of October.  Although there is never a charge for attendance, conservative estimates indicate attendance for the weekend to be in the 6,000 to 8,000 range.  We always challenge ourselves to make Beast Fest better than the previous year............and this year is no exception

After taking a year off, due to the 2020 Covid-19 state mandates pertaining to large gatherings, Boot the Boro is proud to announce that the 14th Annual Beast Fest will take place on October 29th-October 30, 2021. 

We are working overtime and people are ready to get outdoors, go to events, spend time with their friends and family, and just get back to some normal.  ​Indications from the community and our generous sponsors are pointing to a high level of excitement and anticipation and we are expecting attendance to reach all time highs. 

Make sure to mark your calendar, invite your out-of-town family and friends to come join us for a fun and safe family event.    

Beast Fest

Food Vendors will begin serving customers on Friday from 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am -10:00 pm

If you are interested in becoming a member and willing to become involved in community improvement projects, please contact us at

​​​​​​Saturday Night 7:00-10:00 pm


Helpful Information For You About Beast Fest

Because of the generous sponsors of Beast Fest, Boost the Boro is able to host this event and provide practically 100% of the festival at no charge. All of the live entertainment and most of the events are free~~and as always, there is never an admission charge to attend.

​​​​​​Friday Night 7:00-10:00 pm


~News Flash~  

The 14th Annual Beast Fest will resume this year October 29-30th. 

...Read on for more details...

​​Our Two Driving Goals 

It Must Be In Good Taste, Safe and Appropriate For Everyone 

It Must Be Welcoming and Have an Inclusive Atmosphere

​​​​​​Best "Beast Fest" Food

Beast Fest is known for having a wide variety of good foods, including the Beast Fest famous "Collard Sandwich".  If you have not experienced the pleasure of a collard sandwich, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  

We limit our food vendors to about 10-12 full service food trailers.  Each vendor is required to prepare their specialties on-site and ALL Food Vendors must obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the Bladen County Health Department and be personally inspected and approved to operate by the Department, prior to opening for business.

​While there will always be a few duplications of popular foods you would expect to find at a festival, we take great pride in making sure there will be a wide variety and choices for Beast Fest attendees.

All our Food Vendors work really hard to satisfy their customers and each understands we limit our area to those ten vendors that demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, cleanliness and quality that our attendees have come to appreciate.  

​​​​Day-time Entertainment on Saturday 

(Please look for more specific information to be posted in September, 2021)

  • Grand Opening Ceremony begins at 10:00 am on Saturday with the appearance of "the Beast of Bladenboro" to the delight of both children and adults alike. You will also hear from a few local celebrities, VIPs and maybe a few politicians, but we make sure and keep them on the clock. 


  • Local Talent Showour area is blessed with some extremely talented locals and Beast Fest provides a great place to showcase these talents. You might hear everything from solo singers to country rock groups, dancers to drill teams.  What you can count on is a whole lot of entertainment packed into a two hour period.  We begin the local talent performances around mid-morning to around noon.  

  • Arts, Crafts and Special Feature vendor tents are located in a separate section of the festival and like the rest of the festival grounds, all on a paved surface.  We have space for up to 75 vendor tents and there are always a wide variety of unique items for sale.  Our vendor section isn't set up to be "swap-meet" or "flea-market", nor do we allow for "yard-sale" or "junk" items to be sold.  Conversely, what you will find at Beast Fest are a wide variety of Hobbyists, Crafters, Collectors, Boutique owners, Artist and others with unique items at very reasonable prices.  Click on the link to (Non Food) Vendor Invitation   


  •  2nd Annual Beast Fest Men's & Womens Softball Tournament will be held at Wateree Park.  More details will be announced in August, so if your church has a team or you just have a group that would like more information, check back with us and look for more announcements on our social media site at Boost the Boro or Beast Fest or send a message to us at

  • Southeastern Cruisers Classic Car Club is a featured event each year at Beast Fest with usually over 50 cars on display.  You will find a wide range of "Best in Class" Ford, Chevy, GM, Street Car & Rods, Camaro, Corvettes and many others. This dedicated group of car enthusiast takes their hobby seriously and their cars show it.  To learn more or to find out how you can enter your sweet ride in this show, click on the Tab at the top of the page for more information


  • Fun Time Amusements and rides will be providing fun, safe, and reliable entertainment with a variety of carnival rides and games.

  • Children's Halloween Costume Contest for infants through age twelve is always a big hit and continues to grow each year. 

  • Trunk or Treat, a second festival in itself and one of the most anticipated events of the entire festival attended by over 1,500 children. 

  • Haunted Hayride now in its 3rd year is also becoming a big hit attraction